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The Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp

Today we are dealing with November 18 or in a numerological sense with number 9, or in an Astrological sense with Scorpio Zodiac sign. And the amazing thing is that the effect can be quite tangible, but more often in the field of entertainment, service or can be manifested by some positive energy that is incredibly strong and moving.

Just because they radiate, the positive power of these Scorpios is valued, they are great friends and loving partners who bring a smile and joy to others. It could be said with certain accuracy that these people who are born on November 18 have natural wisdom. They can be described as quick, intuitive, brilliant, good-looking, and brilliant — and by looking into these traits you could imagine people of this date as remarkable, and they truly are. Because of their nice character, they are the people who will have many friends, wherever they are; they are gentle and devoted to things and people who they love.

They can fit into their environment regardless of whether they are schools, workplaces or houses; they often think of themselves as strange and unusual or just little-twisted people who are sometimes unaware of their abilities. People who belong to the November 18 also attract people who are unique and in a way similar to their nature. In any case, they are appreciated by people who have the strength to go their own way regardless of the way they are.

The Man of Signs (Zodiac Man)

Scorpios born on November 18 have one major challenge in their lives — all of their lives these charismatic people will have to deal with their temperamental nature and emotional liability- These two things sound very scary, and they can be especially when combined, like in their lives; this can be the cause of many problematic stages in their lives.

Therefore, they are recommended some forms of psychological introspection. They should do everything that will contribute to building their self-discipline. Their minds are hearts are in a perfect relationship and all thanks to their ability to maintain the balanced nature and can make great things in life.

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They are, as all Scorpios, passionate, can give a lot of love, but they also ask for the same amount of love and attention from their lovers in return. However, these people of the November 18 have to be honest, open and gentle towards others; otherwise many will misjudge them in the worse way possible. People born on November 18 are Scorpios, one of the most energetic Zodiac signs in all system, so it is expected that they are usually extremely active in the physical and spiritual sense.

At best, these people manage their emotional energy to focus on creative work. However, you also attract people who are out to use you. There are certain people that are such users, that if you give them an inch, they would take a mile. People are drawn to your generosity, compassion, empathy, and jovial nature. You easily become the center of any conversation because people love talking about you. We are not talking about gossiping here, or of people talking trash behind your back. You are so generous that it has become a fault. It is not uncommon for you to give everything that you have in your wallet just to help somebody out.

Their feelings mean that much to you. While it is okay to give and care for others, make sure that you leave enough for yourself so you will be able to provide for other people in the future. Unfortunately, you tend to forget this and you end up giving to much and it ends up harming you and your finances. Just like all other Scorpios, your paired element is water.

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Being so, emotions tend to keep on overflowing and this is the reason why you are so generous. Pluto is the celestial body that influences your personality.

This planet is very distant, and one would require a lot more power for light to reach it. You have this dynamic but in reverse. You try to reach people, that is why you have such a deep level of generosity. You should avoid: people who are out to use you. You need to work on quickly recognizing these people and cutting them out of your life.

Also, avoid people who are drama addicts. These people just take up all your time talking about all their issues. They are just looking to unload their negativity. The lucky color for those born on this day is White. This color projects positivity, a sense of possibility, compassion, and purity.

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Usually, you have the tendency of obtaining business alliances with richer people, and these relationships are quite intense, so when the time comes to choose a life partner, you will always look for someone with a pleasant personality, active, kind, stable and next to whom they feel they can have an easy path. The retrogradation of Mercury in activate the vocational houses , and also the house of earned money and the house of personality.

You could take advantage of this retrograde transit to reorganize a work team or group or to highlight themselves as worthy members of the team. After March 28 , things start to clear up, the information and the intentions are no longer shadowed by doubts and they have the possibility of taking the first steps towards a better future. However, communication issues may occur with the superiors or with the state institutions.

You can take advantage of this period to try out new career directions or to renew contracts with older collaborators. It is time to restructure your activity, to reconsider their market position if you are an entrepreneur, to analyze older data and information in order to understand what changes they need to do to obtain better results on long-term. To successfully overcome the difficult period from the summer of , you need to prove that they have organizational skills and know how to set your priorities and also that they can quickly adapt to different situations.

The good news for the end of the year is that on November 8 of , Jupiter exits Sagittarius and enters Capricorn. Therefore, you have great chances to discover new income sources. A varied diet that can provide the Scorpio women the chance to use their energy is the best. You should stay away from food that is rich in fat. A vegetarian diet is very indicated for this zodiac sign.

November 18 Birthday horoscope - zodiac sign for November 18th

The recommended foods include brown rice, millet, wheat germs, lettuce, celery, and cucumbers. The indicated fruits are cherries, oranges, and lemons. The influence of Mars on this zodiac sign determines the necessity of an important intake of water and vegetable juice and to avoid an excessive consumption of salt. For the Scorpio man, a diet rich in fibers, with plenty of fruits and vegetables is ideal.

Years of the Snake

Strongly flavored or spicy foods should not be missing from their diet.