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This conflict, between how others perceive you and who you really are, is the tension that drives a lot of your decisions. This can lead into all sorts of faulty decisions. You find yourself deciding in a seemingly impartial way; when it turns out, you are actually driven by impulse.

We like to collect data and try to weigh both sides of a situation before making a decision, but a lot of our decisions are primarily motivated by emotional states.

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We draw some comfort from the fact that we look for seemingly logical explanations for how we made the call. People born on October 6 are often viewed as emotionally cold fish. You are perceived as cold, but in reality, you might be feeling very emotional.

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This is your biggest challenge when it comes to intimate relationships. You need to know when to draw the line, and turn off the objective veneer of your personality. People who celebrate their birthday on October 6th are best suited for jobs that require grace under pressure. This is why you would do well in jobs where you are supposed to look cool while there are a lot commotion and disasters going on around you.

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Any kind of job that requires mental toughness would be a great job for you. You should consider high-level management jobs that involve make or break decisions. You can also look at firefighter jobs and other types of positions where making the right call can mean everything. You tend to do well in high-pressure environments.

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You look like a very balanced person. It seems like you are able to keep your is This provides a very reassuring presence to those around you. By being perceived as the calm, reassuring presence in any group, you have a remarkable ability to bring people together precisely when they need to unite. Deep down, you are entitled to your emotional states. This can be both a blessing and a curse. You are able to walk the tightrope between external and internal reality. Your internal reality is your emotional states and habits. For the most part, this works quite well.

This is especially beneficial when it comes to your career. However, for the more intimate parts of your life, this strategy often yields mixed results.

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The problem turns on your inability to draw the lines. You have a tough time drawing the line between seeming strong, impartial, reassuring, and being perceived as lending a supportive ear. As useful and beneficial as it may be to be viewed as a pillar of strength in times of calamity, this trait has its limits. You need to make a decided leap in their favor. Occupying the objective middle ground is not going to make you look good. It makes you look uncaring and callous.

The good news is, you are able to function under a tremendous amount of pressure. Just like air can be compressed, you can handle a lot of pressure-filled environments. However, you do have your breaking point. It only takes a few negative experiences for you to determine clearly where your breaking point is. Jupiter is fast declining at this point.

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Strengths: physical, substantial, dependable Weaknesses: overbearing, intolerant, complacent. Tarot Positive traits: success, talent, efficiency Negative traits: dictatorial attitude, poor sense of direction. More Scorpio Birthday Profiles When is your birthday?

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