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Titillating opportunities for love and recreation define the first part of the month so drink up while the drinking is good. With a tense square from Pluto to the sun on Oct. When the sun shifts into Scorpio on Oct. The full moon in Aries on Oct. A little organization will be in order but for now enjoy the good times. The cluster of planets in lovely, social Libra has been lighting up your domestic sector, probably making beautifying home projects, family, and your private inner life priorities. These happen to be your favorite subjects so this month should provide a nice state of mind to make headway on your domestic goals.

Look for reboots or even new relationships after Oct. Anew moon on Oct. You should be quite the charmer this month with the sun, Mars, and Venus all in social Libra, and your 3rd House of Communication.

Sagittarius october Horoscope

You also are likely quite busy, as 3rd House transits have a way of bloating your inbox and inundating you with all sorts of to-do about town, mostly at the request of friends or business acquaintances who seem to want to pitch you on their every last idea. Even with all this learning going on, this month should provide some pleasure and allow you to enjoy company after you worked so hard last month. Pluto and Saturn are still plowing through your 6th House of Self Improvement putting the pressure to mature your daily routine and get you into a health regiment that helps you achieve your most ambitious goals.

Some relief comes after the 3rd when Mars moves from detailed Virgo into chill Libra.

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A spirited full moon in Aries lights up your 4th House of Home and Family and may bring some good news and give you something to celebrate on Oct. Other splendid days for Leo or Leo rising are Oct. When you let go of the reigns a little bit, which you can do come Oct. The energy starts to ratchet up and needs your quick decision making after the planets start to shift into Scorpio and your 3rd House of Commerce and Communication, especially in the third week of the month.

Aries: You're In The Process Of Deep Healing

A relationship or money issue or opportunity could come to a head during the manifesting full moon of Oct. Set intentions around learning and building a supportive new community on the new moon of Oct.

A great time to build a treehouse is the weekend of Oct. The views expressed in this article are solely that of the individual s providing them, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Backstage or its staff. Backstage Experts. By Kelly Chambers Oct. Photo Source: Photo Source: Shutterstock.

Photo Illustration: Margaret Ruling. Libra Sept.

Sagittarius horoscope October 12222

Scorpio Oct. Sagittarius Nov. Capricorn Dec. Aquarius Jan. Pisces Feb.

Venus enters Scorpio

Aries March 21—April Taurus April 20—May Gemini May 21—June Cancer June 21— July Leo July 23— Aug. Virgo Aug. Kelly Chambers Kelly is a multi-hyphenate who writes about herself as much as possible in the third person. Fascinated by human nature, psychology and relationships, both acting and astrology have offered opportunities to grow these natural curiosities, and she is thrilled to collect these passions in writing a monthly horoscope for the readers of Backstage. More From Backstage Experts.

Considering a Voiceover Side Hustle? March Horoscopes for Actors Mar. April Horoscopes for Actors Apr. May Horoscopes for Actors May. October brings many lessons about what your foundations need. Any renovations you are forced to make might be a pain, but just remember that they are imperative for long-term fortune to find and feel comfortable enough to stay with you.

Most of October asks you to get better acquainted with what you have to work with. Lighting up your career, the Full Moon helps you make a professional impact that is long-lasting. Break-up with people-pleasing and commit yourself to your own pleasure and power. You are a bold, beautiful creature that needs to be loved, cherished, and honored by those you surround yourself with.

Move onto those that know how to have invigorating, challenging, and compassionate conversations. October sends you strong messages about valuing your work and balancing your books. Some self-restraint is needed in order to get business accomplished, but doing so will be incredibly satisfying. Knowing exactly what you have to work with gets your creative juices flowing. Abundance is accessed through taking challenges on head-first. There are a couple of tight corners to find your way around, but turning them will teach you something new about your resourcefulness and ability to make so much more out of what you have than you normally would.

October brings with it your rebirth. This month asks you to strip away what has been taking up your time but not filling you up with the goodness you deserve. Protecting your energy is always more important than pleasing the people around you. Wanting your mental health more than wanting to make others feel comfortable is essential. Wanting for yourself what you want for everyone else at the very least you love is imperative. Come wins and losses, you are the only one who will always be there for you.

Treat yourself like the VIP of your life that you are. The source of your power always comes from within. You may not always have an easy time remembering how to access your inner wealth, but it is your most important job and practice. No position, no prestige, no props can compare to what you already carry with you. As you remind yourself of this truth, by osmosis you set off a domino effect, reminding everyone else of their own. It may be one of the most important gifts to give yourself and your community.

October will tend to remind you, time and time again, about both the tremendous resources you have within and the importance of continually clearing a path to them all.

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Scorpio Season will be all the sweeter for it. October brings with it many an opportunity to sharpen your social skills. People will have issues with a million things given the chance, but your job is to consider what might be underneath the complaint, confusion, or situation.

October 12222 Horoscopes & Cosmic Playlists

Sometimes we just need someone to give us a hug, leave us alone, or tell us to go take a nap. You might find yourself in more than one situation this month that demands you be the adult when others are acting like an unloved child. Sidestep the drama by helping yourself and others get to the bottom line. Remind everyone, yourself included, that getting needs met is always step one of any productive journey together.

October asks you to step up your professional prowess.